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Dunkin the Bunny
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Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm Backkkkk!

I'm back! Thank goodness! Mom is FINALLYYYYYY done with her graduate classes, which means she is going to let me use the laptop again.

So in class we have been covering a lot of information. In Math, we have been working on identifying, comparing, adding, and subtracting fractions. On Wednesday, we are having our Lemonade Assessment to apply our knowledge to something we do at home often.

In Language Arts, we have been working on explicit/implicit author's purpose, fact and opinion, and main idea. Needless to say-we have been busy!

The next two days I'm not allowed to go to school because of Mock STAAR. I tend to be a little crazy and sometimes I snore pretty loud which distracts my friends. Not to fear! Mom says that she is going to take some pictures so I can see the fun I'll be missing out on.

Don't forget to follow me on twitter friends! I post on their almost everyday! https://twitter.com/dunkinthebunny

Have a Hoppy Evening Dear Friends!

P.S.-Mom has a really awesome activity planned for all my friends on Thursday with Aunt Cassie and Ms. Griffin.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fun Filled Week!

Hey friends!

I have definitely missed you all. I hope you are all getting excited for Thanksgiving! I know I am.

We are currently reading about the original Thanksgiving in the 1600's. We are using our Main Idea and Summary skills to figure out what our friends from Ms. McHale's class needs to know about us. We are being the Colonists and their class is the Wampanoag!

We also worked on the different sounds that the suffix -ed makes. Did you know that it makes three different ending sounds? That is right...THREE! The first one is a simple /d/ sound as in the word, fixed. The second sound is a /t/ as in the word, hoped. The third is /ed/ such as in the word, rented. Wow, I see now why Mom loves working with words! It is so interesting!

Today, we also started learning about fractions. We started with a Fraction Flip Book that helps us to understand that simple fractions are a part of a whole! Tomorrow, Mr. Nesloney is teaching our Math lesson! I'm excited to see what he will teach us.

There is so much stuff we have to cover before our week long break!

Are y'all doing anything for Thanksgiving at school? Let us know your ideas!

Time for homework, have a hoppy evening!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I've missed my friends!

WHOAAA! Man, I have been a busy bunny!!! I celebrated Unity Day with school to prevent bullying, and we sure had a great turn out!

Our first 9 weeks of school is officially over, and my friends and I ended up doing pretty well with our grades. We covered SO MUCH information in such a short amount of time.  I can't wait to see what we learn in the next 9 weeks.

We have started another PBL project. This project is over inferencing, summary and context clues. Mom is even letting us decide how we are going to present our project. I think I want to use Aurasma so that I can do Augmented Reality for my project! Some of my friends are super creative and have decided to record a song and interpretive dance about their summary. Plus, we finally got our books that we have to read and they are from my FAVORITE genre, biography. Oh my gosh! I love biographies! One day I hope to have a biography written about me.

So along with being busy, I've also been crazy! Here are some pictures of me from the past two weeks.
 Just chillin! If I finish my homework early, my parents let me watch some t.v. before bed. 

 Mom is so fun to climb on!

 Saturday was my sister, Mallo's, 3rd birthday! Happy birthday Mallo!

 I like to give Mom kisses!

Well, time to get back to class. We are talking about elaborate detail and how to use it wisely in our writing. I LOVE WRITING!

Have a Hoppy Day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Lots of Pictures ahead!

Hey Friends!

I can't believe it has been a week since my last blog post. I have been one crazy busy little bunny!
 (I even jumped in the trashcan again at school.)
I've gotten so used to my parents now, that I even let them pick me up and hold me without squealing or squirming!

I can't wait to show you pictures to update you on what I have been doing this past week! *ps it is at the bottom of the post.

School has been so fun. We have been learning about Biographies, Mixtures and Solutions, 2x2 digit multiplication and much more! My favorite part is definitely Writing. We are starting to learn how to identify types of Narratives. Today we dove into Personal Experience Narratives. My friends did so well with it and even identified certain features that classify it as a Personal Narrative. They identified things such as the Main Character being ourselves, it follows a beginning, middle and end sequence, and uses lots of descriptive details!

Something else we are mastering is the use of periods and commas. Today we got to periods and list making commas. Man, my friends cranked those examples out like professionals! I'm so proud of how smart they are!

Whelp, time to do some homework! I have my spelling contract, reading log and my 3x and 6x tables. I'm such a studious bunny.

By the way here are all my pictures!

 My superhero name is The Green Snout! I get veggie mustaches at night. :)

 I like to steal Mom's sodas when she isn't expecting it!

I also like to hide under the sink if Mom turns her back for a minute.

 I attempted to look cute when I stole Mallo's dog food.

 Hey! Look! It's my friends. Our class got custom shirts that say "The Book-n-ator and the Booklets", which is Mom's superhero name and the kids' sidekick name, from the RISE program at Steele Accelerated High School and my grandma!

Life is great! Good night, dear friends!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Out of my shell

Hey friends!

 Each day I become more and more CRAZY!! My new favorite activity is climbing on Mom, Dad or Mallo like a jungle gym and then jump off and scare them! HAHA! I'm a bunny dare devil!

  Yesterday, I was a very helpful bunny. I was so nice that I even helped Mom with her graduate homework!

See, look! --->
  Today was so much fun at school! Mom let us use the school iPads to do a QR scavenger hunt for 2x1 and 2x2 digit multiplication problems. I had never used a QR code before. All you do is scan the box and a question would pop up. We then solved the problem as a group and tried to find the answer. The answer was attached to another QR code that we had to scan and then solve that problem. The other problem we found is when we didn't show our work, we usually didn't get the right answers. When that would happen and we couldn't find a matching answer and QR code, we would have to try the problem all over again.
  Something crazy happened today at school, our power went out! It was difficult, but Mom was able to teach us a lesson in Lattice Multiplication, which is a fun and easy way to do 2x2 digit multiplication. Anyways, we were so well behaved, Mom let us go to the gym for an extra 30 minutes!! YAY.
  Well it is time for bed folks! Tomorrow we have a walking field trip to the theatre to help us with our Reader's Theatre unit. Man, I hope I can sleep with all this excitement!
Sweet dreams my hoppy friends!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Dunkin's "Dramatic" Return


Oh my goodness, have I missed my online friends!? Yesterday, I had to stay home from school because I had caused too much trouble on Wednesday, and my friends were too distracted by me. I think we all learned our lesson, because Mom let me go back to school today!! It was nice to sleep in and tease Mallo all day, but I really missed school and my friends.

  I heard I missed our brainstorming on Mixtures and Solutions. Man, that is a bummer. I know a lot about mixtures! I have a mixture of vegetables every night! Solutions? Now those I don't know much about but I'm sure my friends will catch me up!

  We had our multiplication test today! We only had two minutes to solve forty problems. WHEW! I'm sure glad I memorized my 5 and 10 times table because that was a quick two minutes!

  My favorite part about today was seeing this really cool reading book. I think it was called Reader's Theater? Yea! That is what it is. We had so much fun going through the plays. Each friend was assigned a role and had to read like they were the character. The only thing my friends and I have to work on is not reading our cue lines. Cue words are the words that are in parenthesis and italicized that tell you what types of emotions, how you should say your lines or how to move on stage. That is a hard concept to get, but we are working on it! Oh and it was funny, Chelsea got to be CoCo's mom!

  All in all, my friends and I thought it was a fun introduction! I can't wait to see what play and which part I get to be on Monday! Maybe I can be Billy in the Whatchamacallit Wizardy play! He has so many lines and uses lots of emotion. Plus, you all know me! I have A LOT of attitude for one little bunny!

  Yay for another weekend of no homework! (Other than my twenty minutes of reading!) However, I need to work towards my Reading goal that I set for the month of October. My goal is to read thirty minutes EVERY NIGHT! I can do it!

Sweet Dreams my two legged friends!

P.S. I didn't get stuck in a trash can today!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hey friends!

  Today was...interesting. Don't get me wrong, I had fun with my friends and they taught me a lot about multiplication, but it was just interesting.

  I hope you are sitting down, because this is pretty funny. I was just hoping around the class helping out my friends with their punctuation practice, and I noticed this thing. I don't know what it is called, so I call it a thing. So anyways, this thing, caught my eye. I had sniffed and looked at it before but it never caught my interest long enough to really care about it. However, today there was something different about it, or maybe it was just my adventurous side coming out again. Either way, I had to get a better look.

 There I was just sniffing it and I got a sudden urge! It was so intense I just couldn't help it. This urge went all the way from my nose to my toes and before I knew it I jumped so high and "PLOP."

   OH MY GOSH!! Where am I? What just happened? Mom is laughing at me, my friends are laughing. Oh no, IM STUCK!!! I wriggled and wriggled and I couldn't get free. Mom reached into this thing and pulled me out, I was really embarrassed. Thank goodness though, because that was scary.

  Once Mom could catch her breath, it dawned on me what happened, I had hopped into the, dare I say it, TRASH CAN! EWWW GROSSS! Man, now I have to take like, 4 showers! Ugh, I'm so silly. I was so embarrassed! I stretched out in shame, away from my friends hoping the embarrassment would pass.

  Anyways-So today we did some more multiplication practice. I really liked the activity we did, it was like a crossword but for one digit-by-one digit multiplication. My friends did so well on it. They didn't need help figuring out how to play. Plus, they didn't have to use their multiplication charts either! They are going to do so well on their quiz Friday!

  In Language Arts, we are reading this really good book called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Wow, is it good! (Plus, it is about a rabbit!) However, I like it because there are a bunch of hard words that my friends and I don't really understand.   We are really starting to get used to using context clues to figure out the answers. If we ask Mom about what a word means, she repeats the sentence or sentences around it and we have to use the context clues and our schema to figure out what it means. She makes us think, HARD! (In my opinion, that makes it more fun.)

  Well time to go ask Dad for Book Fair money. Tomorrow is the last day and Ms. French-Fry has some great books in there!

Good night dear friends!

PS- Don't hop into trash cans. You'll get stuck and people will laugh at you!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A shy bunny turned adventurous

Hey friends!

  On Facebook and Twitter, a lot of people deem Tuesday as #TransformationTuesday, and I feel like taking part in it this week! I'm not talking about my looks, but more about my personality.

  When Mom picked me up a little of two weeks ago, my life changed forever. I mean that in an amazing way. From day one, my new family and school family have shown me what it feels like to be loved and cared for.

  When I first came here I was unsure of EVERYTHING! I would just go hide into the farthest place I could find, away from these people. I didn't know them, so why should I interact with them?

  Well this last weekend, I finally became comfortable enough around my family to be myself and show my true personality. I don't think my family was quite ready for it, either! I mean I was hopping around the house. I played hide and seek with Mallo. (Which is my new favorite thing, by the way!) I even give my family and friends nose to nose kisses! I have even become more adventurous! I found a new hiding spot in Mom's classroom in a place where she can't get me!

 Listen, I know what it feels like to be shy, but I feel like I miss out on a lot of stuff when I keep to myself. Think about all those other times I could've snorted at Mallo to scare her! Time to make up for it though! I can't wait to hop around and snort at my friends tomorrow.

  Ooops, Mom is calling! Time for me and Mallo to get some buddy reading in. We are just about to get to the good part!

Good night dear friends!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Multiplication and Arrays with Cheerios!!

Hey friends!

  It was a great day back from the weekend. I got to hop around and catch up with my friends. I even learned from my own blog, too! I went into my pen when Mom asked me too.

  Anyways, we learned A LOT! We are really focusing on multiplication in our class. There is something called minute math, and I only got through 4 of the problems in a minute! That means I didn't get to the other 26 problems. That is ok though! Mom says that at the end of the unit, we are going to take the same quiz to see how much we have improved.

   She taught us a really cool way to find out the answer to one digit multiplication problems. She taught us using arrays. Guess what materials we got to use to build our arrays?! CHEERIOS!! How cool is that?! Food, helping us with Math. I knew I liked this school!

 We even had a competition. Mom would write a problem on the board and then give us two minutes to build our array, count the cheerios and answer it. Only thing that wasn't fun, we didn't get to eat the Cheerios at the end. :(

  Do you want to know something else that is cool? So, I've told you my friends are really smart, right? Well every group got 100% correct and was laughing and having fun. I can't wait to do it again, tomorrow!

  Time for homework! This week, we have to memorize our 5x and 10x tables for a quiz on Friday. I think if I just spend 5 minutes a day on each set, I will be good to go on Friday. (Plus my 20 minutes of reading.)

Well onwards and upwards my friends! Have a hoppy evening! 

 I was a tired bunny. Mom and I were at school for 12 hours today! I had to sneak in a nap!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Big Scary Machines!


What in the world was that? I don't think I have ever hopped that fast to get away from something in my life! Mom was just casually cleaning out my condo and litter box when this big transformer thing just popped out of know where and tried to eat me!!

  Mom and Dad talk about how I'm home and safe and BLAH BLAH BLAH.  YEA RIGHT! I'm not safe when a transformer tries to eat me! Hey, maybe it is Optimus Prime though, that dude is cool. This transformer is weird though, it eats all the junk off the floor. GROSS!

  Anyways, so Mom is just showing this transformer all around my room, and dad is trying to catch me to make me leave the room. What are they doing?! They said something about a vacuum. What is a vacuum? Well, eventually it went away and my condo and litter box were back to their rightful places. I really don't like cleaning day now!

  Man I just hope that thing doesn't come out again, it's scary!

 On a totally different subject- Dearest friends, just a reminder, don't forget to read your 20 minutes this weekend!

Look, it's me trying to pick out a book! I really like the I Survived.... series of books right now! I'm starting I Survived the Nazi Invasion tomorrow.

Also, I'm really excited that my principal, Mr. Nesloney, won the Bammy award for Elementary School Teacher!! Way to go!!

Have a hoppy evening friends!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Team Work


   Wow, this has been one fantastic week at Navasota Intermediate! I have had so much fun getting to meet everyone. I've also loved seeing all the blog support for me and my friends at school from my online friends! I am one hoppy little bunny!

  Today was great! (Why shouldn't it be? It is Friday after all!) On the way to school, Mom and I stopped to get donuts, because Friday is Donut Day in our family. (Right, Grandma?!)  Then we went to school. I was super excited because we were finishing up our Native Americans in Texas PBL. So I was just fixing my desk and getting ready for the day, when all of a sudden, in walked Mrs. Nesloney! WHOAAA! She came all the way to our school JUST to meet me! (Ok, thats not true, but I like to feel important.) Well she talked with Mom, petted me and gave me a yummy treat. She even told me she would be back with a suprise. OH MY GOSH! I loveeeee surprises! When she came back later on, she brought me chopped up cilantro, my favorite! Being the little piggy that I am, I asked if I could have some right then, and she let me eat it from her hand. Darn, I'm spoiled! I decided to not be a piggy and eat the whole bag, so I saved it for dinner! I like her, she is really nice!

  So for today's story, I wanted to talk about how my amazing friends really worked together on their PBL. They each made a movie on the app iMovie, and they all turned out great. I want to back up though, I think the best part of the day was when I noticed that when they were all done with their projects, they would go and help out another group. Some people were helping make teepees while others were offering to videotape for another group. It was an awesome thing to experience!

  The best part was that they weren't even directed by Miss Boswell to go do this. These friends are so awesome. We really are a family in room 108, and it makes my heart happy! Each project turned out amazing, because it was a class effort. Everyone made sure that each friend succeeded. What an amazing way to end the week. These projects were creative, too! I mean who knew that you could make a rap about the Jumano Indian tribe and explain their way of life and their contribution to Texas?!There were also movies with props and movies with authentic tribal music! Goodness, I can't even explain all the greatness that was in these projects. I am so proud of all my friends!!

  Well time to go pick on Mallory. I have no homework, except my reading log, so I've got nothing else to do.

Have a hoppy weekend!

Oh and I made a friend in Japan, HEY NEW FRIEND! I'd love to hear from my other online friends too! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Hey friends!

  I'm so excited that tomorrow is Friday! How about you?

  Today was another good day at Navasota Intermediate. I've got no complaints! Well, except one. Mom put me on lock down after lunch time today for no reason! She is such a mean mom.

  Ok, so that isn't the whole truth. I guess it was my fault. It started off just like the other mornings. Mom went to pick up all my friends and we sat quietly waiting for announcements to come on and read our books. After announcements, Mom decided it was ok if I took some laps around the room. This was cool because it was early in the morning and normally she doesn't let me out until later. So I walked around and talked about the assignment with my friends.

  After about an hour, she asked me to go back to my pen. Politely, I told her no thanks and hopped to the other side of the class. So she found me and came over to me and asked me again. "Yea, ummm, No thanks Mom! It is time to run." So I ran around the classroom until she finally managed to wrangle me back into the cage. Needless to say, I was in trouble.

  She waited until my friends went to lunch to have a one on one talk with me. She told me that when  a teacher gives you directions or asks you to do something, you're supposed to do it, even when you don't want to. Well then came the big bummer, I had a consequence for not following directions. I wasn't allowed out of my pen the rest of the day!

   I told her I didn't care and puffed my tail at her. She waited for me to stop throwing a fit to talk to me again. She told me that she has rules because she cares about us. (Hey, she is always telling our class "You Matter.") I think she really does care. She then talked about when we get in trouble and have to sit out and not participate, it effects our friends too.

  WAIT WHAT?! I didn't want to let my friends down! I didn't know that if I got in trouble, my friends suffer the consequence of not getting to work with me. It all made sense! I was stuck in my pen, and my classmates didn't get to work with me, it effected us both.

  I'm really sorry friends! I'll really think about my actions the next time I feel like not following the rules. Getting used to the rules has been difficult, but I now know that it is what is best for me and my friends. When we all follow rules, we get rewards! I like this idea.

  Time to finish up my homework! My spelling contract and reading log are due tomorrow, AND I have a spelling test! That is ok! Mallo, my sister, and I have been doing the spelling clap, and I feel confident that I can spell them all.

Sweet dreams friends!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Test Anxiety

Hey Hey Hey!

My post today is a little bit early, but it has been such an eventful day so far!
  Last night- I am finally starting to warm up to my "tree house" as Mom calls it. I played on it last night after I studied for my test. It was a lot of fun! When Mom came in for bedtime, I gave her some attitude...so I don't get dessert tonight. :(

 Look! It is me on playing on my "Tree House"

  Today- It is the big day, the first math assessment! I studied real hard, but I still had test anxiety, bunnies are not good test takers. I mean I knew the information, I just froze up. Not to fear! I was prepared with different strategies to use to overcome my anxiety. The first one, was just to breathe, let out negative thoughts and exhale a long breath. The other thing I did today, was when I got frustrated, I closed my test, closed my eyes and took a minute mental break. Mom said that is what she had to do when she took her "teacher test" to become a teacher. Man, I really like that one, it helped a lot. When I closed my eyes and took a break, it cleared out any left over worries and I was able to refocus. I made sure not to take too long of a break because then I would have been wasting my time. 

  I took my time and I feel confident about my test. Mom always says to check back through my answers. I'm so glad I did that, because on question #3, I rushed through it and had the wrong answer! That would have made me sad. 

  When we were done, Mom let me out during our Silent Reading time. I was off task though and didn't read my book. I even went so far as to jump on my friend Ashley's book in the middle of her sentence. Needless to say, being a reckless bunny got me a quick ticket back to the bunny pen.

  Well time to go finish our day, lunch is almost over so back to class! 

  By the way, does anybody else have any test taking strategies I can share with my friends?

I'll be back later! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Decimals, Comparing and Writing. OH MY!

Hey everyone!

   So last night mom let me sleep anywhere I wanted, but I stayed under the bed in my room. Well, in the morning Mom came in to wake me up, I was grouchy. Since Mom was running behind this morning, Dad was in charge of putting me in my carrier. HAH! That meant it was game on! He kept trying to get me into it and at the last minute I would hop really fast under the bed so he couldn't catch me. Somehow he outsmarted me though cause he was able to reach me. Like I mentioned, I was little on the grouchy side so when the fun was over and he was able to get me, I started snorting at him. Yea, that is right, just like a little pig! Eventually Mom and Dad got me in my carrier, but that made Mom run late, so she wasn't too happy with me.

   She was in a better mood once we got to school. I was so excited to see all my friends again, some of them even came in early to tell me good morning and ask about how I felt about my first day. My friends are awesome!

  We read Because of Winn Dixie as a class today, and man that is a great book! We worked on reviewing how to compare characters, and my friends did a great job. As I was talking to my friends, they told me that I could compare characters of different species!! COOL, who would've thought you could do that?! Well, I ended up comparing Opal and Winn-Dixie.

  Then something really cool happened! Our principal, Mr. Nesloney, came to teach us about comparing decimals using math signs. Ok I don't know about you, but this is tricky for me. It is  especially hard trying to remember the place values after decimals. He is one smart principal though, because he knew that we were having a tough time, so he taught us a really awesome way to remember the place value! So here is what you do when remembering the place value to the thousandths place:

1. When you see the decimal, hit it with your hand and say "BOOM!"
2. Then we name each space or place value after the decimal  (._ _ _) like this: Tom, Heard, Thunder (. T H TH)

WHOAAA! That works!! It follows the place values, the first place after the decimal is the tenths (Tom), the second is Hunderedths (Heard), the third is thousandths (Thunder)! I know I'm definitely going to use this strategy for place value.

By the way, online friends, does anybody else have another cool way they taught or remember comparing decimals or place value that could help me and my friends? Please leave me a comment because we would LOVEEEE the help!

  On to what we did for writing- Our class has started to do something really cool, we write a personal narrative from my point of view. My buddy Javarian did so well that Mom, Miss Boswell, wanted to feature his writing. He wrote about when my cage door opened and I was allowed to hop around the room. It goes like this:

"I was about to hope out of my cage, but I could smell the fear coming from Javarian." WHOA he wrote from my point of view and included himself. He also took a sentence starter that Ms. French-Fry taught us yesterday!

I hope I get to hop around the room again tomorrow cause I had lots of fun with that, especially when I got to work with Juanito's small group comparing Pre-historic Texas and Modern Texas! I also managed to jump over some of my friends like hurdles when they were reading. (I mean come on now, how can a bunny resist jumping over things!)

Well it is time to end another awesome day. I need to study for my math test tomorrow, let me know if you know of other ways to remember how to compare decimals, or even adding and subtracting whole numbers, and I will study them tonight!

I wish I was at the hot dog cook out that my school is doing with all my friends, but we had to get home to Mallory so we could have family time. Plus Mom says I'm not allowed to eat hot dogs. She did, however, make my favorite for dinner: romaine lettuce, cilantro and parsley all cut up...YUM!

Here are some pictures that Mom took today!

 Justo showing me how to find my answers.

Small group work with Juanito, Daniela and Mrs. Pace

As always, have a hoppy evening!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Best 1st Day Ever!!!

    Wow! Thanks everyone for visiting my page! Mom and I are overwhelmed with how many people visited my blog to see what me and my fourth grade friends are going to do this year. Mom wanted me to say she is sorry our blog isn't fancy yet, but she's working on it.

   So my first day at Navasota Intermediate went great! I had so much fun. I got so excited because everyone wanted to be my friend. I even had friends from other classes come in to meet me. Man, do I feel cool!

   My friend Jonathan got to give me a treat because I was being a good listener while Mom, I mean Miss Boswell, was teaching. Jonathan kept laughing at me, but that might have just been my whiskers tickling his hand.

  My friend Chelsea came and explained what Summarizing means. Thank goodness she came and explained it to me, because I would have been WAYYY behind. I had to ask her what the difference between a main character and supporting character was, but she explained that the main character is the one that has all the action happening to it. She is so smart! She even gave me an example of summarizing the story about some crazy bunny named Peter Rabbit. (I mean come on dude! You should've known not to go to that garden.)

  Oh yea! I think the funniest part of my day was when Ms. French, everyone calls her Ms. French-fry, came to teach us about Narrative Writing. I really liked how she had us up doing the Plot dance! I think I hit my head on the cage because I got so excited about the climax of the story, I jumped too high.

  There were so many awesome parts of my day that I'm super excited to go back. Well it is time for homework! I need to go knockout some points on my spelling contract and read for twenty minutes. I wonder if my puppy sister, Mallory, will let me read a book to her. I really want to read Peter Rabbit after that awesome summary lesson!

Have a Hoppy Evening!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

All about me!

Hello online community! 

My name is Dunkin and I'm a special bunny! When I was surrendered to the Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue, my teeth were in bad shape. The people there took such great care of me. They took me to a vet and I had surgery to remove my front four incisors. Don't fear, I have found a way to eat all my food and veggies without them. My foster mom Megan, cut up my food into small enough pieces so that I could eat all my favorite veggies.

Fast - forward to my forever mom. She is a 4th grade teacher at Navasota Intermediate School in Navasota, Tx. She loves her kids so much that she convinced her principal and fiancé that a bunny would make a huge difference in the learning that takes place in her classroom. Once everyone was on board, she set out to find the perfect bunny. Mom, or Miss Boswell as they call her, gave her students a list of bunnies she could find that would be a good fit for their room. She told me that every single student picked me!! She said they told her that no other bunny would do! They said that I was a super bunny and that they had to get me because I needed them. Man were they right!

So my forever mom talked to my foster mom and found out all about my quirks. Mom knew she had to have me (Or so she says). After paperwork and a long three day wait until she could pick me up, Mom drove all the way to Dallas on Saturday just to pick me up! (Whoa, she really did want me!) I spent the whole ride learning about my new classmates and about all the fun we are going to have. 

Sunday- Today, Mom and Dad went to the store to pick up my school supplies (a notebook for the kids to write in the lessons they teach me). 

They even took me to my new school to let me explore the classroom and set up my very own desk! 

I'm so excited for my first day tomorrow! I'm worried though, will my new classmates like me? Will they want to be my friend? Is my new principal a scary man? So many wonderings!

Well gotta run! Mom says it's past my bed time. I hope I can sleep from all the excitement of tomorrow!