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Dunkin the Bunny
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Fun Filled Week!

Hey friends!

I have definitely missed you all. I hope you are all getting excited for Thanksgiving! I know I am.

We are currently reading about the original Thanksgiving in the 1600's. We are using our Main Idea and Summary skills to figure out what our friends from Ms. McHale's class needs to know about us. We are being the Colonists and their class is the Wampanoag!

We also worked on the different sounds that the suffix -ed makes. Did you know that it makes three different ending sounds? That is right...THREE! The first one is a simple /d/ sound as in the word, fixed. The second sound is a /t/ as in the word, hoped. The third is /ed/ such as in the word, rented. Wow, I see now why Mom loves working with words! It is so interesting!

Today, we also started learning about fractions. We started with a Fraction Flip Book that helps us to understand that simple fractions are a part of a whole! Tomorrow, Mr. Nesloney is teaching our Math lesson! I'm excited to see what he will teach us.

There is so much stuff we have to cover before our week long break!

Are y'all doing anything for Thanksgiving at school? Let us know your ideas!

Time for homework, have a hoppy evening!