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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What in the world have I been up too?!

Hello Friends!

It has been SUPER long since I last posted in the blog, and I'm very sorry about it.

We have been a busy 4th grade class. I'll give you a quick recap, but you can see everything here , on my Twitter page.

We've been learning about angles in Math. Mom taught us a trick about remembering angles. Acute is cute and tiny. A right angle is just right, meaning its in the middle. The obtuse angle ate a little too much Taco Bell for lunch. This helps me because I have reference angles memorized.

My class and I had our school picture taken. They let me be in the picture!! I also got to take my own individual picture. Mom says she will post the picture when they arrive. Man am I handsome!!

On an unrelated school note, Mom has been doing this thing called a CSA, community supported agriculture, and has been getting lots of fresh veggies for me! My favorite is the leaves of a carrot. I don't care for the orange part, just the leaves! I've tried a strawberry. I've also tried a slice of banana, that one is my favorite!

Oh! You'll never guess what tomorrow is?! It's my 2nd birthday!! WOOHOO!

I'm sorry to cut this post short, but it's past my bedtime!

Thanks for reading friends!

I hope you have a hoppy evening.