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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Who kidnapped the principal?

It has been a year since my last post. So it is time for an update!

This year I am a 3rd grade student. Mom teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. I don't get to come to the classroom very much because of my eye. I get startled pretty easily and sometimes that makes me stress out. Mom said that she is going to start bringing me back a few times a week, so I'm really excited about that!

I'm bummed that I'm not at school this week because Mom's lesson sounds really cool. Apparently in 3rd grade they have a bootcamp! I thought that meant exercising, but Mom says that it is an academic bootcamp where she is lucky to have almost all of the 3rd grade students come into her classroom. SO NOT COOL! I WANT TO MEET THEM! Anyways, this week she is extending my friends' knowledge of drawing conclusions and inferencing. 

At first I thought that meant they were drawing pictures. Nope I was wrong. Inferring and drawing conclusions is where my friends take their schema (background information and experiences), what the text says, and they put them together to come up with an answer!

I asked her what her lesson plan was and I was very scared. Did you know that a teacher in our school kidnapped Mr. Nesloney?!?! I hope they are able to find him! 
There have 6 suspects. My friends are the investigators and have to figure out who did it based on the interviews from these suspects. (Note: I personally think Mr. Marvel did it!) The students have to narrow it down to 3 suspects and give evidence from the interview to support their ideas. 

Oh! Wait, Mom just told me Mr. Nesloney isn't REALLY missing. Whew! Thats good. I was really worried. But still... I think Mr. Marvel is up to something. Watch it Mr. Marvel, I'm keeping my eye on you! (which is pretty serious since I only have one...) 

After my friends figure out who the actual kidnapper is, they wrap up the investigation by talking about what strategies they had to use. After that the do a rapid fire question game! The students all get one task card with a situation and 3 possible conclusions. They have to use the strategies they have just learned to write the answer on the recording sheet. Heres the catch!!-> My friends only get one minute to do this. When the timer goes off, they have to pass the card to the person next to them. It goes by so quick!

The kids have done really well this week and have worked hard! I'm so proud of them. I hope they keep using their strategies!

Well I'm off for now. Not to fret though! I will be back next week with what I'm sure will be another crazy lesson from Mom AND who the actual kidnapper was!

By the way friends, tomorrow is Glow Games! Come dressed in neon or glow in the dark! *I'll post pictures next week!

Have a hoppy day!


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dunkin's Big Update

Hoppy Saturday, Friends!

Well my life has been crazy lately, to say the least. Here is just a quick little recap:

One night, I was hanging out with Mallo, my pup sister, and everything was fine. 
The next thing I know, I couldn't see!

Mom rushed me to the Small Animal ER and I was taken back immediately to see some really nice Doctors. They took great care of me that first night! They put me in the same room as this cute little kitten. (Don't worry, the nurses told me they liked me better!)

Mom and Dad were pretty scared, and so was I. We had no idea what happened or why my eye was so swollen. They feared the worst.

Well the next day, a Thursday, I was transferred to Zoology. Haha! Did you know that I am actually considered Exotic?! Either way, I had the best doctor. I really liked her. 
They told Mom that they just hired the best ophthalmologist they could find! This calmed Mom and Dad's nerves big time! That day, they decided that I would have Enucleation surgery. (Whoa thats a BIG word!) It means they had to remove my eye. Wait! Before you get scared, I'm still really cute! My friends say I might even be more cute now! 

But back to my surgery. I had the best Small Animal and Opthalmology Surgery team in Texas. After the surgery I healed in ICU and Mom picked me up the next day! I was so glad to be going home! (Although, I knew I would miss all the blueberries and bananas they were spoiling me with.) Mom said that all the nice nurses said that I was the sweetest thing. They would argue over me because they rarely had a bunny, especially one like me, so they all wanted a turn! Talk about feeling special!

Luckily I have healed very quickly, and my hair has almost 100% grown back!

I have completely adjusted to life without my left eye! I run around the house, binky, play with my sister. I do everything I used to, but I'm just a little more cautious. All I ask is that you show me your hand in my right eye before you pet me!

**Thanks Mrs. Martin for letting me hang out with you all week at school in December while I healed!

All I can say is that I'm a very lucky bunny to live so close to the best Zoology/Small Animal Hospital in Texas!

I'm sorry that I took such a long break since my last post. Eye surgery is pretty intense and I needed some rest! I promise I wont take that long of a break again!

Much love to all my friends!
Dunkin the (pirate) Bunny!

Monday, November 9, 2015

My first post as a 1st grader!

Helloooo friends!

It has been a ridiculously long time since I last blogged. (Thanks to Mom being so busy). None the less I am back!

This school year is already flying by. I mean, come on now, we are already in the 2nd 9 weeks of school. I am loving my new friends and my new grade.

Did I mention I am now a 1st grade student at John C. Webb Elementary? It is still in Navasota, but when Mr. Nesloney moved schools, we asked to go with him.

I miss my friends from last year. I wish they would stop by more, but they are busy so I completely understand.

But like I said, I love my new friends! We have learned so much already.

Right now we are learning about Author's Purpose in Reading. That means we have to find out why an author has written what they wrote. Meaning -Is the book supposed to inform us or entertain us? It can be difficult to figure out, but a lot of times, knowing if it is real or fake can tell us!

In Math, we are solving word problems of addition or subtraction up to 20. We are really focusing on Fact Families and understanding that we can switch the addends (the numbers you are adding) and still have the same sum.

One amazing thing we have been working on is our blogs. That's right! The Globehoppers in Mom's 1st grade class are officially blogging! Just like me.
They have been working really hard with their 4th grade writing buddies in Mrs. Reynold's class. The writing buddies help us by teaching us how to revise and edit our journal writing to make it better!

The link for our class blogs is www.kidblog.org/class/the-globehoppers .
They are published for the world to see, so feel free to head over and leave a comment there too! We would love to know where you are from, so that we can track locations on a world map.

First Grade is crazy tough, but I am having a blast and learning a lot!

Well friends, I hope you have a wonderful day. I promise to blog again soon.

Until next time, Have a Hoppy Evening!

Dunkin the Bunny

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'm Back!!!!


It has been MONTHS since my last post. I'm so sorry about that, but my life has been pretty crazy! The main reason being that Mom and Dad got married this summer! She said she would let me blog again after things calmed down.

So here I am! In case you didn't know, Mom will now be teaching First Grade at John C. Webb Elementary School. I'm so excited because I'll have the chance to learn to read! Would you be my reading buddy? I'm going to need someone to practice with!

Mom is practicing some of her lessons on me. So of course I do what every first grader does...I hop away and play with my tunnel.
Wait, you mean first graders don't do that? AW MAN! I need to brush up on my classroom behavior....Now I know what I'll be doing tonight!

Have a Hoppy Evening my friends!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The reasons behind rules.

Hey friends!

It has been so long since I wrote my last post, and a lot has happened.

One thing my friends and I learned was the food web/food chain. We thought it would be cool to see how we all rank. Needless to say, we were all a little sad when we realized i'm not much higher than bugs. Anyways, we rocked that unit and moved on to adaptations and traits. Did you know that some traits are inherited, meaning comes from your parents, and some are learned? That is crazy!

We have really focused on our multiplication facts, because lets face it, it is very hard to solve math problems without having your multiplication facts memorized. One of our class favorite activites is practicing with Multiplication Bingo. Mom calls out the problem (such as 5X7) and you have to know the answer to cover the spot on your card. Maybe we will do it again this week?

On a happy note-I've really started to follow directions. I've been trying go into the cage when Mom tells me to. I learned that if I don't follow directions, something bad could happen. For example, about a month ago, I was out running around the room and I was told to go to my cage. Luckily I did, because about a minute after, the fire alarm went off at school! Mom was able to put me in my carrier quickly and we were all outside safely. If I hadn't followed directions, who knows what may have happened. I hope my friends take my example and follow directions! Even if they seem silly, rules are always there for our protection.

Have a hoppy week friends! I need to go rest up for field day tomorrow. GO BOOKLETS!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What in the world have I been up too?!

Hello Friends!

It has been SUPER long since I last posted in the blog, and I'm very sorry about it.

We have been a busy 4th grade class. I'll give you a quick recap, but you can see everything here , on my Twitter page.

We've been learning about angles in Math. Mom taught us a trick about remembering angles. Acute is cute and tiny. A right angle is just right, meaning its in the middle. The obtuse angle ate a little too much Taco Bell for lunch. This helps me because I have reference angles memorized.

My class and I had our school picture taken. They let me be in the picture!! I also got to take my own individual picture. Mom says she will post the picture when they arrive. Man am I handsome!!

On an unrelated school note, Mom has been doing this thing called a CSA, community supported agriculture, and has been getting lots of fresh veggies for me! My favorite is the leaves of a carrot. I don't care for the orange part, just the leaves! I've tried a strawberry. I've also tried a slice of banana, that one is my favorite!

Oh! You'll never guess what tomorrow is?! It's my 2nd birthday!! WOOHOO!

I'm sorry to cut this post short, but it's past my bedtime!

Thanks for reading friends!

I hope you have a hoppy evening.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mom has a phobia-and I'm spilling the beans!

Hi, friends!

How is everyone? I hope you had a Hoppy Holiday season!
I know I sure enjoyed having two weeks off of school. I even got to go meet my Mom's family, finally!

    I was showered with gifts, I got two amazing tunnels to crawl through! One is at home, one is at school.  I love them! One time Mom caught me playing with it during a Math lesson. I didn't get in trouble, but I did have to stay after school for tutorials because I didn't get the information Mom was sharing with us.

  We did two really awesome projects at the end of the 9 weeks. One of the projects focused on the importance of procedural text. Want to know how we were assessed? WE MADE ICE CREAM!!! FROM SCRATCH! Oh my goodness, it was so delicious. I mean I didn't get any, I just cleaned up all that was dropped on the floor....with my tongue. HAHA! Great news is that all my friends followed the directions perfectly!

 The other awesome project we did was to demonstrate cause and effect with some creative writing thrown in. (Mom stole this idea from her dear friend Erin Nelson). We did a pickle autopsy! Haha yup! That's right, a pickle autopsy! It was so fun, we had to figure out all the background information from our pickle. Then when we cut it open, and each group's pickle had a different object inside! Then we had to come up with three possible scenarios as to what happened.

Mom is really getting creative with PBL and inquiry based learning, and my friends and I are LOVING IT!

Sorry that it has taken so long to write a post. Mom has been busy researching and writing grants for this awesome reading program. She even wrote a donorschoose.org project to try to get the ball rolling. You can read about it here: Literacy for a Lifetime!

Well guys I'm out for the evening! Only one day until the weekend!

Dunkin the Bunny

P.s. Hey y'all! I snuck back while took Mallo out on her walk.

So this really funny thing happened. Mom came home from tutoring and guess what was in the house?! A BIRD!! Now those who know Mom know that she is completely terrified of birds! She couldn't get it out of the house. It was so bad that she had to call animal control to come get it while her and Mallo sat outside. (I was still in my room- bird less). Dad laughed at her and so did I! She says that thankfully she had Auntie Cassie to text to help her not feel silly for freaking out. Anyways,  it took about 20 minutes for the cop to get it out of our house. HAHA what a funny evening! OH NO! Mom's coming back, I gotta go!
Good night friends!