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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Who kidnapped the principal?

It has been a year since my last post. So it is time for an update!

This year I am a 3rd grade student. Mom teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. I don't get to come to the classroom very much because of my eye. I get startled pretty easily and sometimes that makes me stress out. Mom said that she is going to start bringing me back a few times a week, so I'm really excited about that!

I'm bummed that I'm not at school this week because Mom's lesson sounds really cool. Apparently in 3rd grade they have a bootcamp! I thought that meant exercising, but Mom says that it is an academic bootcamp where she is lucky to have almost all of the 3rd grade students come into her classroom. SO NOT COOL! I WANT TO MEET THEM! Anyways, this week she is extending my friends' knowledge of drawing conclusions and inferencing. 

At first I thought that meant they were drawing pictures. Nope I was wrong. Inferring and drawing conclusions is where my friends take their schema (background information and experiences), what the text says, and they put them together to come up with an answer!

I asked her what her lesson plan was and I was very scared. Did you know that a teacher in our school kidnapped Mr. Nesloney?!?! I hope they are able to find him! 
There have 6 suspects. My friends are the investigators and have to figure out who did it based on the interviews from these suspects. (Note: I personally think Mr. Marvel did it!) The students have to narrow it down to 3 suspects and give evidence from the interview to support their ideas. 

Oh! Wait, Mom just told me Mr. Nesloney isn't REALLY missing. Whew! Thats good. I was really worried. But still... I think Mr. Marvel is up to something. Watch it Mr. Marvel, I'm keeping my eye on you! (which is pretty serious since I only have one...) 

After my friends figure out who the actual kidnapper is, they wrap up the investigation by talking about what strategies they had to use. After that the do a rapid fire question game! The students all get one task card with a situation and 3 possible conclusions. They have to use the strategies they have just learned to write the answer on the recording sheet. Heres the catch!!-> My friends only get one minute to do this. When the timer goes off, they have to pass the card to the person next to them. It goes by so quick!

The kids have done really well this week and have worked hard! I'm so proud of them. I hope they keep using their strategies!

Well I'm off for now. Not to fret though! I will be back next week with what I'm sure will be another crazy lesson from Mom AND who the actual kidnapper was!

By the way friends, tomorrow is Glow Games! Come dressed in neon or glow in the dark! *I'll post pictures next week!

Have a hoppy day!