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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mom has a phobia-and I'm spilling the beans!

Hi, friends!

How is everyone? I hope you had a Hoppy Holiday season!
I know I sure enjoyed having two weeks off of school. I even got to go meet my Mom's family, finally!

    I was showered with gifts, I got two amazing tunnels to crawl through! One is at home, one is at school.  I love them! One time Mom caught me playing with it during a Math lesson. I didn't get in trouble, but I did have to stay after school for tutorials because I didn't get the information Mom was sharing with us.

  We did two really awesome projects at the end of the 9 weeks. One of the projects focused on the importance of procedural text. Want to know how we were assessed? WE MADE ICE CREAM!!! FROM SCRATCH! Oh my goodness, it was so delicious. I mean I didn't get any, I just cleaned up all that was dropped on the floor....with my tongue. HAHA! Great news is that all my friends followed the directions perfectly!

 The other awesome project we did was to demonstrate cause and effect with some creative writing thrown in. (Mom stole this idea from her dear friend Erin Nelson). We did a pickle autopsy! Haha yup! That's right, a pickle autopsy! It was so fun, we had to figure out all the background information from our pickle. Then when we cut it open, and each group's pickle had a different object inside! Then we had to come up with three possible scenarios as to what happened.

Mom is really getting creative with PBL and inquiry based learning, and my friends and I are LOVING IT!

Sorry that it has taken so long to write a post. Mom has been busy researching and writing grants for this awesome reading program. She even wrote a donorschoose.org project to try to get the ball rolling. You can read about it here: Literacy for a Lifetime!

Well guys I'm out for the evening! Only one day until the weekend!

Dunkin the Bunny

P.s. Hey y'all! I snuck back while took Mallo out on her walk.

So this really funny thing happened. Mom came home from tutoring and guess what was in the house?! A BIRD!! Now those who know Mom know that she is completely terrified of birds! She couldn't get it out of the house. It was so bad that she had to call animal control to come get it while her and Mallo sat outside. (I was still in my room- bird less). Dad laughed at her and so did I! She says that thankfully she had Auntie Cassie to text to help her not feel silly for freaking out. Anyways,  it took about 20 minutes for the cop to get it out of our house. HAHA what a funny evening! OH NO! Mom's coming back, I gotta go!
Good night friends!