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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dunkin's Big Update

Hoppy Saturday, Friends!

Well my life has been crazy lately, to say the least. Here is just a quick little recap:

One night, I was hanging out with Mallo, my pup sister, and everything was fine. 
The next thing I know, I couldn't see!

Mom rushed me to the Small Animal ER and I was taken back immediately to see some really nice Doctors. They took great care of me that first night! They put me in the same room as this cute little kitten. (Don't worry, the nurses told me they liked me better!)

Mom and Dad were pretty scared, and so was I. We had no idea what happened or why my eye was so swollen. They feared the worst.

Well the next day, a Thursday, I was transferred to Zoology. Haha! Did you know that I am actually considered Exotic?! Either way, I had the best doctor. I really liked her. 
They told Mom that they just hired the best ophthalmologist they could find! This calmed Mom and Dad's nerves big time! That day, they decided that I would have Enucleation surgery. (Whoa thats a BIG word!) It means they had to remove my eye. Wait! Before you get scared, I'm still really cute! My friends say I might even be more cute now! 

But back to my surgery. I had the best Small Animal and Opthalmology Surgery team in Texas. After the surgery I healed in ICU and Mom picked me up the next day! I was so glad to be going home! (Although, I knew I would miss all the blueberries and bananas they were spoiling me with.) Mom said that all the nice nurses said that I was the sweetest thing. They would argue over me because they rarely had a bunny, especially one like me, so they all wanted a turn! Talk about feeling special!

Luckily I have healed very quickly, and my hair has almost 100% grown back!

I have completely adjusted to life without my left eye! I run around the house, binky, play with my sister. I do everything I used to, but I'm just a little more cautious. All I ask is that you show me your hand in my right eye before you pet me!

**Thanks Mrs. Martin for letting me hang out with you all week at school in December while I healed!

All I can say is that I'm a very lucky bunny to live so close to the best Zoology/Small Animal Hospital in Texas!

I'm sorry that I took such a long break since my last post. Eye surgery is pretty intense and I needed some rest! I promise I wont take that long of a break again!

Much love to all my friends!
Dunkin the (pirate) Bunny!


  1. I'm so glad you are better. You are the cutest bunny ever and I know the kids have missed you.

  2. I'm so glad you are better. You are the cutest bunny ever and I know the kids have missed you.